How to Purchase a Photo Using This Website

1. Go to “Group” and click on the arrow to the left of the group to expand the group.


2. Click on the Gallery you want to explore.

3. Select the picture you want to purchase.


4. Click on “Actions”

5. Click on “Buy Products.”


6. You will be directed to the various formats. Choose the format you want to purchase.


7. Select the type of product you want to purchase from the left menu.


8. Select the size of the product you want. The sizes presented reflect only those sizes that can be made based on the picture's original pixel size.


9. Select if you want the picture printed as is presented, or have a real person enhance the photo. My experience is these photos do not need additional enhancing. 


10. When finished selecting your product, click “Proceed to Checkout.”


11. You will now be directed to “Check Out.”

12. Complete your shipping information and click on Continue to Checkout.

13. Verify your shipping address is correct, click Edit to make changes as necessary.

14. Choose the shipping method you prefer, then click Continue Checkout.

15. Complete your payment method and then click on Continue Checkout.

16. Your order summary is presented.

17. That’s it! 

Thank you very much for choosing a photograph to hang in your home or office. It is truly an honor to have you as a customer.